We are in the business of originating, developing ideas and
screenplays and producing African films for Africa and the
world. We produce feature films as well as Television
dramas, situation comedies, soaps and documentaries. We
endeavour to obtain cinematic and distribution rights to
books and plays by African writers and adapt them for film
production. Though our business is based in Eastern Africa,
we reach out to the rest of Africa through co-productions
and through marketing and distribution deals.

Our mission is to raise awareness by producing films and TV
programmes relevant to our society, while providing
wholesome entertainment and helping the African film
industry grow.

We challenge African film makers, artists, writers, actors,
dancers, directors and audiences to join us in this task of
producing films that are fit for our society; films that are not
only relevant to the African situation but that also relate to
and reflect our values, our hopes and our aspirations.
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